Meatless Monday Attempt #1: Dinner only this week

Tonight is Monday, and we are going to have our first intentional Meatless Monday dinner. It’s a gimme dinner – pasta with a braised tomato sauce and salad.

Right now leftover tomatoes are braising in the oven with garlic, olive oil, leftover basil from a recipe last week, wild onions from my in-laws’ back yard, white wine and stock. I was on quite the green/foodie high until I remembered that I used chicken stock – so I guess it’s mostly meatless Monday this week. Still, it’s a start. In case you are unfamiliar with Meatless Monday, here’s a site that gives you all the information you’ll need to try it yourself.  The site has some fantastic looking recipes, and it’s getting me excited to try next week. Hmm, next Monday is Memorial Day. . .. Is it cheating if we do Meatless Tuesdays?

We eat meatless frequently but not intentionally. Next week we will start with the entire day being meatless. That will be surprisingly more difficult for my husband and I than it will be for my son. I’m sure some people will eat vegan, but we aren’t going that route. I’m deeming my meatless meals as “no animal needs to be killed for us to eat.” So my hubby and I will have to forgo our turkey sandwiches at lunch, but my son will just have his regular peanut butter sandwich. And for dinner tonight, he’ll be grateful for pasta and cheese night.

There are other options too. According to the Meatless Monday website, the campaign was originated during WWI as a way to cut back on rationed items. In addition to Meatless Monday, the country observed Wheatless Wednesday. In the same, yet less poetic vein, you could come up with a different “green” theme to each night of the week. Here’s a stab…

  • Meatless Monday
  • Local Tuesdays – eat only foods produced within a 50 mile radius of your home; probably really tough.
  • Corn free Wednesday – only food that do not contain corn.
  • Fossil-Fuel Free Fridays – eat raw so as not to consume fossil fuels. Hmmm, if you live in Texas you could use the hood of your car during the summer – that would be a very green way to use your car.
  • Sustainable Saturday – eat sustainably caught seafood.

Okay, so I’m missing Thursday and Sunday – but there’s always leftovers, and those are certainly earth friendly.

My almost meatless pasta was wonderful, and from my son I got a “Not so bad!” which is really cute coming from a 2 year old.


2 thoughts on “Meatless Monday Attempt #1: Dinner only this week

  1. Welcome to Foodieblogroll, and congratulations on your efforts and success with Meatless Monday. I think it is a wonderfully designed challenge that taps into the human psyche, knows that many of us can only last a day, and rewards us by making it easy to accomplish this little victory. I am presently on my first 7 day Veggie Challenge through the Toronto Vegetarian Society. My veggie girlfriend is trying to go vegan for the week.
    We share your pain with trying to find seasonal, locally produced foods. We live in northern Ontario (moved from south) and we miss the Saturday morning farmers’ markets.
    I enjoyed visiting your site and look forward to many returns.
    I hope this message finds you safe, happy and healthy.

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