Field Trip: Food Truck Festival

So unless you live under a rock you know that food trucks are the hottest thing to hit the restaurant industry since molecular gastronomy, and other cities like Los Angeles have perfected the industry. Boston has been in the dark ages of the food truck scene until recently when the city council finally woke up and smelled the money. To catch up on the history of food trucks in the Boston area, I would read this article from Yesterday we took a field trip to a Food Truck festival in Plymouth. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best event ever. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t great either. So instead of a long description, I’ll tell you all about it via the few pictures I took:

This picture is the line at the Grilled Cheese Nation truck. The lines were way too long (25 min plus per truck). By the time we left the lines were about 50% longer than this.

This is the In Gouda We Trust Sandwich from the Grilled Cheese Nation Food truck. It’s made with local ingredients and was a really lovely sandwich. I loved the caramelized onions; they were so soft you only tasted them.

The Eat Wagon was by far the slowest line. After waiting 20 minutes in line to place our order we had to wait another 15 to 20 to receive our food. However the taco (made with grass-fed beef and kim chi!) was one of the highlights of the day. The hot dogs and hamburgers were a little ordinary.

Bon Me had a very nice rice bowl and noodle salad. They’re food was also a good deal. $6 bought you full meal sized portions.

The disappointment of the day went to Jasper White’s Summer Shack. Not really a food truck at all, but a portable catering cart, their food was overpriced and over cooked. 5.50 bought you a 1/2 hot dog bun with about a 1/4 cup of lobster meat, and 6.00 bought you a nice amount of very overcooked shrimp with sausage, corn and potatoes. You would think an operation as polished as the Summer Shack would know not to hot hold shrimp in a chafer.

The cupcakes at Kickass Cupcake’s stand looked fantastic. We got one, but only the toddler got to try it. Apparently it was very good.

So, that’s about it. From talking to others I know that  by 4:00 pm it was a mad house and the Summer Shack had already closed down. I can only assume because they ran out of food. This was a great idea, and really should be tried again. I loved that this event really merged the easy life of the burbs and the family friendly atmosphere of a festival with the hip and trendy (and tasty) world of food trucks.  However, with the amount of publicity they did, they really should have had at least twice the number of food carts. Maybe they should try something a little smaller scale like bringing a few of the trucks to some of the better farmer’s markets around like Hingham or Plymouth.


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