Beans, beans, the more you eat…

  Remember when you were in school and just the word “bean” would send you into a fit of giggles. Well, the bean gets the last laugh because during the long winter months, it’s the start of the affordable earth -friendly dinner table. Coming up with fresh healthy meals for the family in the middle … Continue reading

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cream Pies

I mentioned in my last post that I found national food holidays interesting. I don’t know if interesting is really the correct word. I think they are bizarre, funny, weird and fascinating. When looking at the holidays listed here, I noticed that January is not only National Soup Month, but also National Oatmeal Month. So, … Continue reading

Onion Soup

As someone who is fascinated with the naming of national food theme days (and months), I jumped into action when I found out it is National Soup Month. Now, soup month is not my favorite food themed date, that is reserved for Meat on a Stick Day which is March 27th (mark your calendars). But … Continue reading

Butternut Squash Soup

Perhaps you noticed I’ve been M.I.A. recently. Funny thing; it’s hard to cook (much less even think about) food when you are moaning the days away on the couch with morning sickness. That’s been my life for the past six weeks. That’s right, our nest of three is expanding next spring. I am working on … Continue reading

End of Summer Soup

Sorry I’ve been absent for a few weeks. Little Guy and I were out of town trying to milk the last of summer for everything we could get out of it. We got a lot of rain! Now we’re busy getting ready for fall. Fall is my favorite season for cooking. It’s cool enough to … Continue reading

Whoopie Pie Cupcakes with Beet Puree

Sugar gets a bad rap these days. It’s the evil empire of the food world (perhaps eclipsed only by corn). People seem to forget that sugar is magic. Don’t believe me? What happens if you take bitter, unpalatable chocolate and add sugar? That’s right, you get one of the most heavenly foods in existence. Watch … Continue reading

Hurricane Ploughman’s Lunch

As I sat down to write the beginning of this post, all of New England was preparing for a hit by Irene on Sunday as a tropical storm. While watching non-stop breaking news coverage, I strongly suspected that the weather forecasters were practicing worst-case scenario weather reporting. Yet I realized we were not immune from … Continue reading

Corn Chowder and the Bad Gardener

If you are regular reader of this blog, you may remember that I consider myself the world’s worst gardener. Every spring I start thinking about what to plant, always full of hope and sure that this is the year I’m going to actually grow something and reap the fruits (and veggies) of my labor. This … Continue reading