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Sour Grape Jam

I usually don’t have time to can anything. I also usually don’t have enough of any one crop to do anything in large enough batches to warrant canning. As you may remember, gardening is not really my strongest skill. However, I am great at letting the wild vines and bushes left by previous owners run … Continue reading

Blueberry Graham Frozen Yogurt

Do not ever freeze your frozen yogurt in a glass jar! I used one only to show the finished product. A certain high-end Vermont-made ice cream producer has a new line of frozen Greek yogurt out. It’s good–really good! It’s similar in style to those bank-breaking tart frozen yogurts you get in the malls these … Continue reading

Graham Crackers and New Beginnings

This marks our first post twins edition. Things are more hectic than usual around here, but we are back with new posts and a whole new site. That’s right, you heard me. We have a new dedicated site. If you are a current subscriber to this WordPress site, you will need to subscribe at our … Continue reading

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cream Pies

I mentioned in my last post that I found national food holidays interesting. I don’t know if interesting is really the correct word. I think they are bizarre, funny, weird and fascinating. When looking at the holidays listed here, I noticed that January is not only National Soup Month, but also National Oatmeal Month. So, … Continue reading

Onion Soup

As someone who is fascinated with the naming of national food theme days (and months), I jumped into action when I found out it is National Soup Month. Now, soup month is not my favorite food themed date, that is reserved for Meat on a Stick Day which is March 27th (mark your calendars). But … Continue reading