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Hurricane Ploughman’s Lunch

As I sat down to write the beginning of this post, all of New England was preparing for a hit by Irene on Sunday as a tropical storm. While watching non-stop breaking news coverage, I strongly suspected that the weather forecasters were practicing worst-case scenario weather reporting. Yet I realized we were not immune from … Continue reading

Grilled Pizza

When you need a meal on a hot summer day, then your grill is your best friend. I really believe that nothing is more of a culinary blank slate than a grilled pizza crust. You can easily please your whole family by splitting the pizza dough into separate pieces for each family member and letting … Continue reading

Cheater Cheater Enchilada Eater

Frequently my dinner plans center around something in my fridge or cupboard that needs to be used for one reason or another. Today was a day like that. A few weeks ago I bought a container of green salsa verde with avocado from Trader Joe’s. I was looking for the great green salsas I used … Continue reading